The vast majority of photos in this archive are digital film scans available for purchase as prints and downloads. Each collection acts as its own separate store. Click on a collection below, select the images you’d like to purchase (to narrow your search, use the filters at the top of the page), and add them to your cart. Note: You will have to check out of each collection individually; you cannot combine images from different collections into one cart.

The purchase of these photos is a licensing fee and does not transfer the right of ownership or copyright. You may post to social media with credit to @MarkTraain and by using the hashtags #marktraain #analogfoamer. The purchase of these prints helps me offset the cost of scanning my film and maintaining the website. 

Please keep in mind most of these photos are film scans from film negatives, so film grain and imperfections are to be expected in some pictures more than others. I make a concerted effort to retouch many of the imperfections out and correct the color as best I can. On other images, I intentionally left some imperfections in because I think they add character to the aesthetic, making it feel more like a vintage photograph.

Please contact me directly regarding commissions, licensing information for publication, or any other use.

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“The railroads gave us standardized time zones…It wasn’t until 1918 that standard time became the official law of the land.”