Why shoot film?

It's by choice that I continue the tradition and preservation of film photography. I shoot digital as well, but I learned photography on film, before digital existed. I like the imperfections, grainy aesthetic and color shifts that can happen organically in the analog process verses using digital filters. It's exciting, and truthfully disappointing at times, to get the film processed and see what turned out, along with what didn't. But photography is a lot about taking risks, making mistakes.

Are these images copyrighted?

Yes, this website, the archive and all of the photographs contained within are copyright protected. Taking screenshots and otherwise using the content on this website without permission is expressly forbidden. Photography is intellectual property the same as music and movies are. All sales through the Archive section are for personal use only. No third party transfers. Please contact me to inquire about commissions and/or licensing.

Can I order a print of any photo on your website?

Yes. Click on the Archive button at the top of the website to be redirected to a much wider variety of my railroad photos, including the ones featured on the website. You can order prints through there. Or, contact me directly about commissions and/or licensing.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use analog film cameras and digital cameras interchangeably along with my iphone too. The best camera for the job is the one you have with you. I mostly shoot in 35mm format but equally enjoy working with my vintage large format Graphflex Speedgraphic 4x5 camera.

Do I own the pictures I buy?

If you order a print you own the print but not the right to reproduce the image on the print. If you order a digital download, the cost you pay is a licensing fee and does not transfer copyright or right of ownership. Upon the purchase of any of my photographs, you agree to use them for personal purposes only with no third party transfers. You may post my images on social media with credit to @marktraain and #marktraain. For use in a publication, or for any other use in visible in a public space, online or otherwise, please inquire with me first by emailing me through the contact button above.

Do you have a question?

Please contact me through the CONTACT button at the top of this page and I will respond within 24 to 48 hours.


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“In 1827, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad became the first U.S. company granted a charter for transporting both passengers and freight.”


"Foamer, a pejorative term describing people who get so excited when they see a train, they foam at the mouth."


“By 1916 there were more than 250,000 miles of railroad track in the United States-enough to reach the moon from Earth.”

Big Boy

“Big Boy No.4014 was delivered to Union Pacific in December 1941. The locomotive was retired in December 1961, having traveled 1,031,205 miles in its 20 years in service.”


“The railroads gave us standardized time zones…It wasn’t until 1918 that standard time became the official law of the land.”

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“In 1830 there were just 23 miles of railroad tracks in the United States. By the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, there were 30,000 miles!”